The incredible Hulk: how he came to be known as ‘Hulk’ Hogan will inspire you and move you

Perhaps no other sport in the history of the world has commanded as much ‘entertainment’ value as it has appealed to fans. Wrestling isn’t for soft or faint hearts. It is a grueling and utterly competitive sport where one needs more than just an incredible shape and physique to rise on top of one’s opposition.



Physical combat in the specter of Wrestling often tows the line of what is acceptable and what isn’t! What at times begins with a warm handshake can end with a ‘bloodbath’ and casualties of an intricate wrestling contest are known to spend days and months together in medical wards, recuperating, only to get back into the thick of things.



One of our most favorite stars, Hulk Hogan knows it. His opponents know it. And in this regard, Hulk Hogan, or simply ‘Hulkamania’ has emerged as a ferocious ‘punch-machine’ for all those who have attempted to thwart his place or plans inside the ring. Perhaps, it won’t be a misnomer to suggest that there are only a handful of stars in the competitive grind of World Wrestling who have faced as much and achieved as much as Hulk Hogan.



But if you examine his career beyond the bouts, the sweat, the onerous wrestling campaigns, the vulnerabilities that so easily claw into the lives of most daunting, willed competitors, you will find Hulk to be an inspiration. Simply because, despite the ups and downs, the highs and lows, those magnificent victories and surprising triumphs, he has emerged as a true champion and someone who does justice to his ‘ring-name’ “Hulk Hogan”. And here’s what you need to know! Back in the early days, when Hulk Hogan wasn’t known as Hulk yet, he met with the screen Hulk, Louis Ferrigno. The two posed for shutterbugs and made an impressive duo for the media and the sensational fan-following of the action movie and wrestling genre. It was then discovered that Hulk Hogan was actually a few inches taller than the screen star and that led to the Augusta-born sensation to adopt his famous nickname of ‘Hulk Hogan’.



What followed next was a massive tide of fan-fair for Hulk Hogan who would soon climb to great glories such as becoming the twelve-time world champion and other highs. Glad as one would be that the two inimitable ‘Hulks’ met, Hogan’s imposing 2.03-meter towering height and his interesting feats inside the ring were to change his aura and following forever. Kudos to the unputdownable Hulk Hogan!

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