Pakistan’s legit love relationship with Indian films continues, even after banning several Indian films

You know you are in the wrong place of the world when you make an amazing Indian film, full of giddy but seemingly genuine emotions, but the film is still banned the moment you cross the neighbouring line of India. And reach Pakistan.

For all the terrorist attacks, needless bomb explosions, carnages to the extent of bringing India’s most-loved city Mumbai down, time and again, Pakistan, clearly not a country that doesn’t tie India a ‘Happy Friendships Day band” continues to foster a love relationship with its movies.

So much so that in the wake of several violent acts on either side of the border, at times through initiation and on other, through repercussions of those attacks, and despite several Pakistan actors allegedly boycotting Indian cinema, as if India cinema grows on their talent, you can still find movie posters of famous Indian celebs in Pakistani streets, chaotic lanes and pirated Indian movies at dingy underground markets.

So common is the love for Indian celebrities there in Pakistan that it seems, despite several political backlashes, the power of Pakistan apparently stemming from a spy agency that excels in butchering people can do nothing to stop a roadside pavement dweller who makes his bucks by selling posters of Indian cinema stars.

Thankfully, in the several months post the dramatic and emotion fuelled boycott of Pakistani actors from working in Indian movies- their sudden departure for the crowded streets of LahoreKarachihi and, Peshawar, seeming to be a fresh move considering Mumbai’s Byculla, Bandra, Andheri and Juhu would’ve given them enough traffic snarls and potholes on roads than the ones you get on face due to pimples- Pakistani Film elite back home didn’t support the move completely. They were of the view that the government’s imposition of ban on Indian films being screened and actors’ working there in a slightly civilised part of the world was, after all, not such a bad idea.

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