From janitor to engineer- Porsche hands out extensive bonuses to its employees

Let’s face crucial facts. There are big, burly cars out there and then there is Porsche. The middle name of efficiency and an adjective to class, elegance and top-rate luxury, Porsche, it could be said, don’t only make cars.

It sells a priceless automotive experience. Experiences that last a lifetime. And make beautiful memories for people to remember. For a lifetime.

And recently, the German car-maker was in news. Big, big news. Having done something so beautifully unusual and unusually beautiful that its present day employees would remember it for times to come.

Upon declaring a big bonus, Porsche, extended to all 21,000 of its employees, based in Germany, a bonus figure of approximately $9,800. Whether, it was janitors, engineers, floor-room cleaners, cashiers, accountants, marketing executives or front-line sales professionals- all of them were handed a lavish pay bonus. On top of salaries.

This amount, at present, stands at 9,111 pounds. And truth be told, intrinsic to the culture of Porsche, where employees are respected just as much as the amazing automobiles, this isn’t too surprising. Porsche, after all, is the big daddy of keeping integrity, equality and happiness of those associated with it- on focus.

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