China may have just found a whole new way to beat air pollution

There’s a reason for which an entire world has come to hail China. It’s the magnanimous size of the economy of China and the undaunted spirit of capitalism that have forged great fortunes for a country hailed as Asia’s dragon.

Happiness in China may not necessarily be attuned to human rights champions’ victories or the lofty standards of peace or the grandeur of its wildlife.

That isn’t the point with China. In China’s ebb lie challenges and enormously arresting ways of defeating those as what you would expect from developing albeit rising juggernaut of a nation.

In the past few years, the booming nation renowned for manufacturing, start up and entrepreneurial blitzkriegs hasn’t been exactly enjoying a good time as far as managing the perspective of its air pollution goes. That’s become one heck of a concern.

The rising levels of air pollution are a worrying sign of not just China though but for most Asian nations, especially India and Bangladesh. But as far as China goes- that is a concern. A big one, most sensationally felt in big, urban spaces and cities.

But now, scientists have revealed that there’s a new way to combat rising menace of air pollution. By way of growing trees from apartment buildings. The typical lanky and enormous apartment high rises and high rise buildings today strut a vivid image of China’s meteoric urban rise are set to witness a grand new addition in design element. An Italian architect Stefano Boeri has initiated new design for twin towers in Nanjing that will be covered only in green shrubs. The unique feature of this architectural facet is that it will have 100 trees flowing out from the high rise building. Incredible, ain’t it?

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