A group of kind-hearted New Zealanders donated $100,000 to help a bullied kid get a shining smile

Being bullied is a ghastly crime. Nothing less than a heinous one. Bullying is bad. It sucks. And even before you realise it, consumes you from within.

Nothing cool about it. And, truth be told, the existence of bullying- a sad, senile art of transforming harmless jokes into vile humour before it becomes abhorrent crime at the cost of someone’s suffering- could be attributed to the collective failure of the global education system.

Of schools, colleges and all those educational institutions that claim to be ‘teaching’ kids whilst failing to protect them.That said, not everyone’s life comes to completely suck despite being bullied. Not to be confused with the fact that it doesn’t hurt. It often, in most cases, hampers people from within.

But hope lies often for those who wander hopelessly. Such as this young kid, Evan Hill, who had a horrible condition of buck teeth. It was so physically challenging for the young kid that it almost made him the of everyone’s jokes. But his mother shared, that a bunch of New Zealanders were so touched by the plight and upon realising that the correctional operation (in Evan’s case, the only option) was way beyond Evan’s family’s reach that they decided to fund the operation.

Costing a lot, a mammoth $100,000, Evan Hill found his lost smile, an anomaly in his system, a facet that he had been struggling with, for long. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the Kiwis and the enormous efforts of Orthodontist, Dr. Sluiter, a kid found his innocence spared, against the harrowing treatment of those that had bullied him at school.

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