12 year old Australian boy makes Teddy Bears for sick kids for absolutely no cost

Inspiring is the word that immediately comes to mind in describing this amazing 12 year old kid Campbell Remsess. This Hobart, Australia based youngster so kind hearted and sweet that words may never be enough to laud his talent and kind heart.



Campbell is all of 12 and at an age where he can playfully indulge in all the carefree fun like a wonka, the kid is seriously and passionately working toward uplifting other kids.



He makes wonderful and cute looking Teddy Bears for sick Australian kids. His mother, Sonya Whittaker, a proud mom confesses that for the past three years, Campbell has been working constantly toward designing cuddly cute Teddy Bears which aren’t even for his own good. And are in fact meant for sick Aussie kids that are convalescing and fighting to stay fit and healthy.



It is simply incredible to note the large heart the youngster possesses. Recently, when Campbell, in his room decorated with a sweet sewing machine and fluff was videoed preparing a teddy bear, his usual task for a large part of past three years, the video was soon shared on social media.



Social media is such a large part of our lives today. And the kind and noble deed of Campbell reached millions round the world, with his video clocking up over 30 million views. The best part about Campbell, who is still a school student is that he charges not a single penny in making the superbly cute and alluring soft toys for kids and stays purely motivated toward healing unhealthy kids using his special kind of ‘healing balm’.

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